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Promoting gender, equity and human rights in NTD programmes

This paper highlights the limited attention given to gender, equity, ethnicity and human rights in neglected tropical disease programmes. In order to ensure that sub-populations are included as part of NTD programmes, we call for the support of national NTD programmes to make equity analysis a part of their routine activities. This will be an essential component to “achieve effective, sustainable service delivery with a person-centred approach.”

P S Mbabazi, S Del Pino, C Ducker, L Dean, H Broekkamp, W Prasetyanti, J Jacobson, A Krentel, M Seunik, A L Bustinduy, M Malecela, Promoting gender, equity, human rights and ethnic equality in neglected tropical disease programmes, Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

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