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4th annual Faculty of Medicine Research Day 2022

The 4th annual Faculty of Medicine (at uOttawa) Research Day 2022 was held on Friday, September 23rd. Congratulations to Kruti Patel and Sivim Sohail for successfully presenting their posters👏🎉

Kruti Patel highlighted the importance of mixed methods design and triangulation in understanding health seeking behaviour. Her findings were based on the FAST (FGS Accelerated Scale Together) Package Project, which aims to improve women's health by reducing morbidity from Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS).

Check out her poster below:

Download PDF • 888KB

Sivim Sohail presented findings from the review of best practices for responsible international travels and virtual alternatives. This review was part of uOttawa's FAARE Taskforce, which focuses on fairness and antiracism to enhance academic research, partnerships, and education in global health.

Here's her poster:

Download PDF • 336KB

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