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Exploring Patterns of Non-Participation Across Multiple Health Campaigns - Results of the project

The results of our project "Exploring Patterns of Non-Participation Across Multiple Health Campaigns - A Qualitative Study in Ghana and Indonesia" have been published on the Health Campaign Effectiveness Coalition's website.

This project sought to better understand why some individuals in Ghana and Indonesia do not participate in public health campaigns. We found that:

  • Reasons for non-participation are consistent across various types of campaigns, although for each campaign, the same individuals may cite different rationales.

  • Gender roles and expectations often influence the uptake of interventions, with men deciding whether the household will participate and women coordinating the family’s participation.

  • Understanding of an intervention’s benefits is not always an indicator that a person will participate. Other factors exert greater influence on participation.

  • Rumors and subsequent misconceptions about interventions play a significant role in decisions against participating in health campaigns.

  • Distrust in health care workers is often another key factor in non-participation.

Here are our research brief and slides:

Download PDF • 1.07MB

Download PPTX • 2.99MB

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