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Hot Off the Press: Check out our latest paper on factors associated with never treatment and acceptability of mass drug administration for lymphatic filariasis in Guyana

Guyana remains one of four countries in the Americas endemic for lymphatic filariasis (LF). Elimination of LF requires repeated annual mass drug administration (MDA) with sufficient levels of coverage for success. This study assessed the acceptability and never treatment of LF MDA using data from a routine assessment survey in 2021.

Among surveyed respondents over 20 years old, factors such as demographics, LF knowledge, and perceptions of MDA were analyzed. The results showed that higher acceptability scores were associated with beliefs in MDA's importance for the community, perceived significance of LF treatment, recent treatment receipt, and prior treatment history. Ten percent of respondents participated in the MDA for the first time in 2021, while 15% reported never treatment during any round of LF MDA. Three factors were found to be statistically associated with participation in MDA: scoring above the acceptability threshold, self-reported importance of participation in MDA for the community, and personal beliefs in LF treatment necessity in the absence of disease.

As Guyana moves closer to LF elimination, these results provide further insight and understanding into programmatic results and could inform further action following MDA activities-particularly if an approach is needed to address never treatment during MDA.

Click here to read the full paper.

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