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Check out the Threads Lab at #TropMed21!

Check out the Threads Lab at the ASTMH Annual Meeting this week!

  • Symposium:

1) Ending the Neglect of Female Genital Schistosomiasis Through a Holistic

and Integrated Approach: Introducing the FAST Package

Speakers: Dr. Alison Krentel, Dr. Amadou Garba Djirmay, Dr. Joseph

Opare, Dr. Julie Jacobson, Dr. Margaret Gyapong

  • Oral presentations:

1) Opportunities and barriers to health campaign integration during the

COVID-19 era across Vitamin A, immunisation, neglected tropical

diseases, polio and insecticide treated bednets: a key informant interview

study of campaign stakeholders

Authors: Alison Krentel, Afzaa Rajabali, Olumide Ogundahunsi, Tuoyo

Okorosobo, Carol McPhillips-Tangum, Eva Bazant, Margaret Gyapong

2) Frontline health worker and community health volunteer experiences with

delivery of mass drug administration using triple drug therapy for lymphatic

filariasis in Papua New Guinea: a mixed method study

Authors: Alison Krentel, Krufinta Bun, Daniel Dilliott, Afzaa Rajabali,

Moses Laman, Benedict Mode, Makoto Sekihara, Charles Thickstun,

William Pomat, Christopher L. King

  • Poster presentations:

1) Assessing acceptability of mass drug administration for lymphatic filariasis

as part of routine monitoring and evaluation: feasibility and operational


Authors: Charles Thickstun, Krufinta Bun, Moses Laman, Benedict Mode,

Makoto Sekihara, Daniel Dilliott, Afzaa Rajabali, William Pomat, Christopher

L. King, Alison Krentel

2) Missed treatment rounds amongst mobile populations in Mali: a potential

risk to NTD elimination

Authors: Moussa Sangare, Siaka Y Coulibaly, Housseini Dolo, Abdoul

Fatao Diabate, Lamine Diarra, Fatoumata dite Nene Konipo, Michel E

Coulibaly, Salif S Doumbia, Yacouba Sanogo, Lamine Soumaoro, Massitan

Dembele, Mahamadou Traore, Yaya Ibrahim Coulibaly, Thomas B Nutman,

Alison Krentel

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