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Nursing Now Challenge Webinar on FGS

On Monday, September 12, 2022, the FAST Package team participated in a Nursing Now Challenge webinar to raise awareness on Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS). The Nursing Now Challenge (NNC) works with health employers around the world to create leadership development opportunities for 100,000 nurses and midwives in more than 150 countries. Participants from 7 countries attended the webinar and were introduced to FGS by Caroline Pensotti, a registered nurse and public health specialist who formerly worked as Programme Advisor for SCI Foundation. Kazeem Arogundade, the Research Project Coordinator for the FAST Package, provided an overview of the FAST Package project, and Ruth Allothy, an FGS Subject Matter Expert and Senior Nursing Specialist in Ghana, shared her experience in the field.

Following the webinar, the Nursing Now Challenge, in collaboration with the FAST Package, launched a Nursing Now Challenge Global Solutions Initiative (NNCGSI) aimed at encouraging nurses and midwives to reflect on ways to create awareness on Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS) through an existing platform, program, within their communities.

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